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Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

Hi my name is Fiona Malkin @ringnetter on Twitter. Welcome to the Author Page for Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour.

Fiona Malkin Shemaron;A Beautiful Endeavour/Endeavor, @ringnetter, @ShemaronWistaria



Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

The whole experience of writing Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour left me with a thirst for more: more adventure, more knowledge and more understanding. It allowed me to recognise a space within myself that is thirsty for life. Whenever I travel on Shemaron today it is as a privileged onlooker to the ring net fisherman’s story.

I am currently promoting the beautiful old boat Shemaron and her fishing heritage through the Ring Net Heritage Trust.

All author proceeds are being donated to the further renovation of this ex-ring net fishing boat.


Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour, Fiona Malkin, @ringnetter, @ShearonWistaria


Make no mistake; this is a love story – and a tempestuous one at that.

Beautifully written in evocative prose, the book takes the reader on a voyage through turbulent waters and calm seas in such a way that we feel the salt air… 

Argyllshire Advertiser

Descriptive, insightful, beguiling: Shemaron interweaves the narratives of one woman’s journey to restore a fishing boat with her reflections on life, family and the power of relationships in helping you achieve what you aspire to in life.

Wellcome Trust

I guess every book is written with passion – or should be – though some have more passion than others. Passion itself is complicated and can manifest itself in many ways – driving devotion, uncontrollable feeling, ardent affection, anger even, to name a few possibilities. Seldom, though, is passion aimed at an old fishing boat…

Fishing Boats Magazine

Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

Published by Mascot Books, ISBN-13-9781631771507, 01/02/2015, Memoir, Language UK

is available through the following links

Shemaron at Etsy

Ring Net heritage Trust, Mascot Books Amazon.co.uk  also Barnes & Noble, Books A Million  Amazon.com and more UK stockists


Fiona Malkin
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