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How would you feel if your husband came home and told you he’d bought a boat?


How would you feel if your husband …



How would you feel if your husband came home and told you he’d bought a boat? Maybe you would imagine sundowners on deck. Maybe (just like I did), you might associate boats with holidays in the Med. Perhaps you would imagine, quite vividly, warm sunny days anchored off a small Greek island. Followed in the evening by a meal of Souvlaki with salad and a bottle of Retsina. A culinary feast enjoyed whilst sitting under a shaded trellis. The smell of herbs floating on the evening breeze.

What if you then discovered that the boat was in Scotland and long hot sunny days, well yes, there would be a few but not quite so many as you had first imagined. The walls of imagined bliss begin to crumble. My husband has a keen interested in modes of transport. I am used to sharing my position in our relationship with motor bikes old books and bicycles. Would it really be so bad to add a boat?  This could be fun, couldn’t it?  It could add a little adventure to life. A chance to blow away comfortable layers of domesticity and enjoy being a family under different circumstances. It might be that this could be good for the children. We could enjoy free holidays, outdoor fun. It maybe a bit of a financial gamble, but what the heck, you only live once!


And then you actually see the boat …


Shemaron. Fiona Malkin, Ring Net Heritage Trust, @ringnetter, @ShemaronWistaria
Shemaron. Jakes Quay. Tarbert

… and because you have been married for thirty odd years and because it has been a marriage into which as a pair you have grown together and enjoyed, you smile and nod.

In fact I couldn’t see really see how I might get involved at all! (Never mind the children). Lonely walks around the Kintyre peninsula became a likely possibility for filling my days. Meeting my husband at night after his hard day grafting on the boat might not be so bad with a few romantic nights along the way.

This is where my story begins. To be honest at this point I was still thinking a good clean up and a few coats of paint would see the job done.

Nine years on my husband and I have had the most amazing time. We have learnt things about each other that even after our thirty five year marriage, we did not know. We have shared so many amazing moments.


“Descriptive, insightful, beguiling: Shemaron interweaves the narratives of one woman’s journey

to restore a fishing boat with her reflections on life, family and the power of relationships in

helping you achieve what you aspire to in life.”

Annalise Anderson Editorial Wellcome Trust.


Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

Available US Published by Mascot Books

Available UK Ring Net Heritage Trust

(& usual online retailers)

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