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Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour

Β Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing the first chapter of Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour here on so you can get a real flavour of the story …


Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

Book Excerpt Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour

“My experience with Shemaron opened a portal through which I could step back in time and allow the past to mix with the present as I tried to understand what it was like to be a ring net fisherman. The impact she had on my comfortable urban lifestyle was totally unexpected. Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour is a story is based around the Scottish coast where the ring net fist emerged as a method of catching herring.”

Shemaron Beautiful Endeavour

“The early ring net boats were built for a world I had not yet come to, I have somehow found myself at the wrong end of the ring net story, standing quite literally, under its bows; trying to catch the frayed threads of it before it unravels too far for me to draw them together. As I became more involved with Shemaron, I found my self getting drawn deeper into accounts of her previous life. The more research I did, the more it became clear that, history, poetry, romance and adventure blended on a synergistic level; providing a powerful platform for memories to gather.

My first impression of Shemaron, stripped of all her working gear, was of a rather lost and sad boat; there was however something in her emptiness that appealed to my sense of space. The moment I stepped from the quay over her gently moving gunnels, an unlikely partnership began; it was however, to be many weeks before I realised that something quite special had occurred. I saw the world from the deck of an old ring net fishing boat, and it was a much bigger place than I had given it credit for, I was seduced by the whole beautiful natural order.

A slow but deepening interest began to evolve; an interest that is still growing, enhanced by the oral histories that have found their way back to her ring net roots. I sailed away with her, by the time I returned we had bonded on an intimate level, I had learned much about her life and the industry for which she was built, the pursuit of herring with the ring net.”


Published by Mascot Books
with Ring Net Heritage Trust

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